Skills Assessment

WpLRC assessment services include job and task analysis, test development, written and performance assessments delivered in both online and hard copy format, scoring services, cut score workshops and specialized reporting. These products and services are built on nationally validated, workplace-based standards.

We deliver a battery of assessments and standardized tests for students studying career and technical programs in high schools and technical colleges in the United States. The assessments, typically based on a DACUM job and task analysis, incorporate input from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) representing secondary and post-secondary education as well as business and industry. The assessments are updated on a regular basis and are aligned with O*NET, national academic standards (math, science and language arts) as well as business and industry standards. When appropriate, customized assessments may be developed to meet the educational needs of a specific region or a state. A number of the assessments are linked to industry certifications programs.

We partner with NOCTI and CASAS to offer more than 170 standardized technical and language assessments in a variety of occupational fields.